SDL S1000D

SDL S1000D LiveContent IETM Advanced distribution and viewing for Land, Sea and Air

SDL LiveContent represents a new, dynamic publishing paradigm for delivering service and diagnostic information to those who use it in mission critical repair or maintenance tasks. SDL LiveContent’s dynamic approach enables you to deliver content targeted to the technician’s physical environment, skill level and system configuration.
  • Living XML Content. SDL LiveContent’s lightweight, high-performance, native XML database keeps your technical content n XML form until the instant it is accessed, when it is then formatted, filtered, and delivered to the person requesting it. This means that the information your field personnel receive is always relevant to the job or task at hand. The path from request to delivery is short, cost-effective and fully automated.
  • Automatic Incremental Updates. SDL LiveContent ensures content is current, complete, and above all, accurate. It makes changes available as they occur. Only the changed topics are affected and the update packets can be pushed to the user if he or she is connected to the Web, or pulled when the user returns to the network after a period of being away.
  • Ability to Support any XML DTD or Schema. Because SDL LiveContent supports S1000D and can work well with any XML DTD or Schema, you are not locked into a particular content form or standard, and can even support multiple XML structures simultaneously within the same publication, integrating different schemas into your information products.
  • Create Improved Technical Content. SDL LiveContent can give you insight into what topics are most used and those that are seldom used or never accessed. It can also provide a feedback loop by which users can report errors, identify difficult instructions, suggest other topics, or propose different approaches that would make their jobs easier. The absence of such a feedback loop has been a challenge to publishers of maintenance and support information for decades.
  • A Mobile Platform Built on Standards. SSDL LiveContent supports the need for delivering information with mobility, and does it using a family of XML technologies and universally available Web tools. In addition, LiveContent’s technology is mainstream, so you’ll never have difficulty finding capable and affordable staff to support your publishing workflow.