Solar Array Power System

RCM Engineering was contracted to act as Owner’s Technical Representatives to implement a 320 kW Solar Array Power System at their NY Campus.

The Solar Array Power System consists of Solar Panels mounted in the garage area, with structural steel mounting supports, and all associated power conductors, protective devices, inverter systems and utility interconnection.

As Owner’s Technical Representative, RCM was tasked with the services to act on behalf of the owner as owner’s engineers and consultants to oversee the project from inception to final completion to ensure a successful, environmentally sound, efficient and reliable installation.

RCM’s services provided basis of design documents, specification and preparations of the RFP packages for owner’s distribution. In addition, services provided assistances in the contract development and execution between the owner and the awarded Solar Integrator, who provided a full turnkey solution for the Solar Power System installation.

RCM’s liaison services between the client and the Solar Integrator consisted of consultation through the concept design phase, to technical peer review of all design documents, to support during construction and closeout.

RCM’s Owner’s Representative services included:

  • A comprehensive study of all system tie-in and utility connections
  • Constructability and coordination review of documents and evaluation of impact on owners facility
  • Weekly project and construction meetings
  • Advised the owner on all critical and technical events
  • Full review on contractor submittals, shop-drawings, as-built and close out documents
  • Witness and consultation on commissioning activities
  • Assisted developer in review and negotiations of project change orders