Nuclear Power Plant Design Upgrades – Ontario, Canada

RCM provided the required technical support to one of Canada’s largest power generating sites to enable restart of their Nuclear Generating Stations-Units 3 and 4.

These design modifications to various systems were necessary to satisfy requirements of the station’s environmental qualification program. RCM was recognized at the Power-Gen International conference for the role it played in the restart of the two units. The restart earned the owner a Project-of-the-Year award at the Power-Gen International conference held in Orlando, Florida. The award honors projects that are well managed, demonstrate innovative processes and procedures and which are completed on time and within budget.

The modifications were prepared in the form of Design Change Packages, typically requiring definition and development of the work scope, obtaining appropriate approvals, identifying design parameters, performing walkdowns, preparation of the required design change documents, and specifying new material to be procured.

In addition to these engineering and design requirements, RCM was also responsible for the material procurement and construction activities associated with the implementation of these modifications.