Fuel Cell Project

A leading fuel cell manufacturer, headquartered in Connecticut, signed Power Purchase Agreements with multiple Northeastern United States Waste Water Treatment Plants, Manufacturing Facilities, and Education Systems.

In order to provide grid independent, environmentally-friendly power, to reduce utility costs and increase reliability RCM Engineering has partnered with this manufacturer to provide Engineering and Design services for the installation of multiple fuel cells at various sites and facilities. This manufacturer and supplier of the fuel cell plant uses natural gas in a non-combusting chemical reformation process to provide combined heat and power applications intended for grid independent operation, and grid connection distributed generation applications.

RCM has been tasked with the design services to generate site specific construction drawings, interconnection applications, permitting documentation, and development of functional performance test plans for various site locations ranging from single fuel cell installations to multi-megawatt power stations. The designs incorporate utilizing the fuel cell export power for utility side interconnection, providing the client with KW account credits, as well as capturing the fuel cell waste heat output for offsetting facility HVAC and domestic water thermal loads.

Our value add included:

  • Paralleling switchgear design to interconnect fuel cell power with existing utility service
  • Advising the client with State and Local Incentive Funding Parameters for project cost savings