TransnetBW and RCM Technologies to Partner on Energy Transition

Market-leading utility TransnetBW and RCM Technologies, Inc. enter a new partnership for critical infrastructure projects to modernize the transmission grid in Europe

RCM Technologies, Inc. (NasdaqGM: RCMT) hosted a TransnetBW executive team visit to North America with stops in Houston, Washington DC, and New York City while solidifying the start of a long-term partnership with RCM Technologies GmbH to deliver engineering and technology services for grid modernization projects.

Dr. Werner Götz, CEO of TransnetBW, and Mr. Bradley Vizi, Executive Chairman and CEO of RCM Technologies, Inc. signed a contract for upcoming projects, including Grünkraut substations, demonstrating the confidence of both parties in furthering their combined objective to design and operate critical electric transmission grid infrastructure builds.

TransnetBW sent a delegation to the United States from December 4 to 8 of 2023 to explore multiple opportunities and RCM’s capabilities for future collaborations. This visit included tours of two high-voltage AIS substations in Texas and a medium voltage GIS substation in Washington DC, where RCM had significant project responsibility.

TransnetBW and RCM Teams
TransnetBW and RCM Teams

RCM’s commitment and active involvement in the energy transition to a decarbonized net zero grid globally in Europe and North America, as well as its engineering and digital project management capabilities, were highlighted at the RCM Technologies offices in Midtown Manhattan.

RCM Technologies project reviews led by the RCM Energy Services Leadership Team included:

  • One of the largest underground 115kV GIS substations in North America with coverage on Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Structural, Architectural, and 3D BIM Design Engineering Services
  • Design of New York-based, Clean Energy Hub, a large-scale critical infrastructure project that is key to the State strategy for achieving the goal of 100% clean energy by 2040
  • Innovative end-to-end application of RCM’s proprietary P6D BIM software and digital data management tool, which enables efficiency gains from planning to construction and operation, with high cost-saving potential while delivering project quality assurance

Mr. Vizi emphasized, “We provide our technical expertise, global resources, proprietary technology, and commitment to the partnership with TransnetBW. Our Energy Services team is looking forward to fully supporting TransnetBW in the development of their large-scale projects to achieve the goals of the ‘Energiewende’ in Germany.” Dr. Götz added, “The successful execution of Grünkraut 1, combined with our ongoing collaboration, gave us confidence in the execution of an order for Grünkraut 2, and the start of a long-term partnership between RCM Technologies GmbH and TransnetBW to build the transmission grid of the future.” 

RCM plans to continue to expand its engineering team and capacity in European markets with RCM Technologies GmbH in Frankfurt/Eschborn, supported by international integrated design team capabilities in North America and Europe.

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