HR Solutions

RCM Technologies, Inc. is an ADP Alliance and Channel Partner and a Kronos Training Partner providing reliable and high-quality consulting services. These relationships have resulted in effective, efficient and successful implementations of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions. Our highly skilled professionals develop creative and practical recommendations and solutions. RCM delivers a variety of consulting services that enable our clients to maximize utilization of their HCM systems.

Our HCM system expertise includes: Kronos Workforce Ready Suite; ADP Vantage HCM, Enterprise HRMS, Workforce Now, eTIME, PayForce, ADP Reporting, ADP GL. RCM can fill the gap for you if do not have the bandwidth or expertise for your implementation or production environment. Here are some of the ways we can help you:

  • Project management
  • Implementation support (planning, analysis, data conversion, configuration, testing, post-production)
  • Training
  • Process and procedure documentation
  • Deep-dive process and system assessment
  • Custom integrations
  • History conversion
  • Interim payroll processing and management
  • Tax support
Key Differentiators
RCM is uniquely qualified to provide our clients with skilled and experienced resources at competitive rates. We also offer the following advantages:

  • HCM System Experience
  • Quality Resources
  • On-Time and On-Budget Delivery
  • Quality
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Other System Expertise

With over 1,200 successful engagements, an extensive custom solutions library, and a proven implementation methodology, we have the resources with the experience to support your organization in a truly cost-effective manner.

ADP Services
RCM is a single source, full service ADP partner that provides responsive, reliable, high-quality and cost effective products and services to help you meet your business objectives. By listening to the needs of our clients and using proven methodologies, we introduce your company to new business concepts and help your organization maximize efficiencies and synergies across the entire operation.For ADP clients requiring assistance in implementing, integrating or upgrading the following applications, RCM Technologies – HR Solutions can help!

  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Time and Labor
  • Employee and Manager Self Service
  • Upgrades
  • Integration
  • Training
  • Process and Procedure Documentation
  • Report Development

Our experience in these areas has resulted in the development of an array of services designed specifically for ADP and its clients. These services include:

New Module Implementation
Design and implementation services for new system modules including:

  • Employee and Manager Self Service
  • Recruiting/Applicant Tracking
  • Position Management
  • Career Planning
  • Compensation Planning
  • Training Administration
  • Time Labor Management

System Maintenance and Upgrades

  • Patch Application – application and testing of updates and patches
  • Ongoing Maintenance – regularly scheduled system maintenance
  • Staff Augmentation – Professional resources are available to fill the gap in your Human Resources, Payroll, HRIS and IT departments

Implementation and Integration

  • History Conversion –convert and store employee job and paycheck history
  • Custom Development – design and develop custom solutions
  • Report and Interface Development – design, develop and document reports and interfaces using SQR, ReportSmith, and ADP Reporting
  • Offsite Development – develop, unit test and deliver custom SQR, Objects, and eCode

Documentation and Training

  • Custom documentation incorporates your organization’s unique policies and procedures into our preconfigured templates
  • Flexible training delivery options maximize your schedule and training budget
  • Hands-on training exercises simulate your company’s work environment
  • Thoroughly trained experienced instructors

Business Consulting
Our HCM Assessment methodology has helped many organizations evaluate the current state of HR and Payroll business processes and the supporting HRMS. The resulting deliverable is a roadmap focused on efficiency and productivity gains to increase the return on investment.

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Business Continuity

Is your company prepared if you and your departmental lottery pool actually won? First of all, congratulations! This may be equally as unlikely as being hit by the proverbial bus, but is your company ready to handle sudden and unexpected upheaval of HR and payroll staff? Do you have a Business Continuity Plan in place should one or more of your payroll team members abruptly leave (i.e. FMLA, new job, job relocation of spouse, flight risk, etc.)? Are your HR and payroll processes documented? Do you have documented step-by-step desktop procedures for their day-to-day and business critical activities? Are your employees cross-trained? Is there valuable institutional knowledge that is known only by one or two key people? Would hires and terminations, benefit enrollments, and payroll be processed correctly and on time?

RCM can help your company set up a Business Continuity Plan should unforeseen circumstances cause disruption in your payroll or HR department. Could your company use help in any of these areas?

  • Documenting Payroll and HR processes and procedures
  • Training for managers and/or employees on ADP Products
  • Reviewing current ADP payroll and HR system setup
  • Setting up payroll controls
  • Defining your payroll department’s division of roles and responsibilities
  • Other work-related issues that keep you up at night

Depending on your requirements, an RCM consultant can be onsite for a few days or a few weeks to assess your current state and provide recommendations for setting up a Business Continuity Plan.

As a second phase to the project, we can assist with implementing the recommendations, such as documenting processes, desktop procedures, and configuration changes in your system.

If you need an interim payroll, HR, or HRIS resource, for a planned or unplanned job vacancy, RCM can assist with an onsite or remote consultant. RCM gives our clients the confidence that the required work will be completed by a professional consultant who has “walked in their shoes” and understands their business requirements, not just the system in use.

If something unexpected happens, you can now have peace of mind knowing that you have a contingency plan in place and there is nothing to worry about after you cash in your lottery winnings. We can all dream!

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History Database
It is difficult to realize the true value of an HRIS system if you don’t have access to all your data, including historical data from one or more legacy systems. For ADP clients who want to retain access to employee data from legacy systems – RCM can help!
History Conversion Approach
We convert your historical data into a standalone client-hosted or RCM cloud-hosted database that you can access, rather than load history into your ADP system. Our approach for converting historical data, regardless of the option you choose, is to:

  • Support client testing and validation
  • Convert data
  • Map the data from the legacy system(s) to the history database and validate with you
  • Determine schema for the history database
  • Develop project plan
  • Write a functional specification for your approval
  • Identify the best method for converting data
  • Recommend typical and identify client-specific data to be converted
  • Analyze your history data requirements

RCM provides you with three options when it comes to converting employee history. All options give you the ability to access your data, but vary based upon your requirements:

Option 1: Database Only
We convert historical data from one or more legacy systems into a consolidated, standalone database with this option. Data is accessed by direct SQL query or by your standard third-party reporting tool (e.g. Cognos). This is the most basic option and perfect for clients who need only occasional ad hoc reports from the historical data.

Option 2: Database and Front End
This expands on the previous option by including a basic inquiry front end application. This allows a user to look up one employee at a time to view commonly requested employee data such as job, employment, and pay history. The front end is designed to allow quick and easy access to employee data, not to replicate any legacy system look and feel.

Option 3: Database, Front End and Reports
This option adds a final dimension to the history database by adding standard reports. RCM works with you to identify reports that are often requested from the historical data. Report output is in CSV format that can be opened in Excel where the data can be sorted, filtered or pivoted to suit your needs.

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Human Capital Management Assessment
Studies show that highly functioning companies utilize their HR and Payroll systems to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of Human Resources and Payroll. After all, your HRMS and Payroll system are a tremendous investment and should be returning the value anticipated when your organization made the commitment to use a particular system or vendor.​Unfortunately, many HR and Payroll organizations have difficulty realizing the benefits and the return on investment they expected from these applications. This may occur due to a limited budget during implementation, too rapid of an implementation schedule to modify current processes, recent acquisitions or divestitures, availability of internal resources during implementation, or a variety of other reasons. Whichever your situation, RCM can help you realize the full potential of your systems.

RCM’s proven HCM Assessment methodology has helped many organizations evaluate the current state of the integration between HR and Payroll business processes and the supporting HRMS or Payroll system. The result is a comprehensive roadmap focused on efficiency and productivity gains and realization of the planned return on investment. The recommendations are based on our extensive experience and knowledge of HRMS and Payroll systems and our focus on HR and Payroll best and accepted practices.

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Target Areas
  • ​Organizational Assessment
  • Change Management
  • Business Processes
  • Enabling Opportunities
  • Documentation
  • Application Configuration
  • Reporting
  • Controls
  • Self Service
  • Interfaces
  • Production Management
  • System Performance​
Training and Documentation Services
Today companies spend sizeable amounts of time, effort and budget designing or upgrading technology solutions. But good design alone is not enough to insure productive and efficient operations. Providing end users with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively use a new system makes the difference between simply using a system and maximizing its full potential.At RCM Technologies we offer customized documentation and end user training services to fit your technology project’s unique requirements. With our pre-configured materials and highly skilled training consultants, RCM supplies the right skills at the right time to the right audience.

RCM develops effective end user support programs on a wide variety of vendor software packages. Our solutions offer custom documentation and courseware, extensive hands-on training, individualized participant attention and the use of adult learning techniques to ensure the highest level of knowledge transfer. Our documentation and training services insure your users are proficient in using your business applications by providing:

  • Custom designed documentation with your organization’s unique policies and procedures in a standard and consistent format
  • Flexible delivery options to maximize your schedule and training budget
  • Hands-on training exercises that simulate your company’s work environment
  • Thoroughly trained experienced instructors

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RCM training services include:

  • Documentation
  • Analysis and Assessment
    • Documentation and training requirements
    • Objectives
    • Content design
    • Delivery and scheduling
  • Development
  • Delivery

Kronos Workforce Ready Training Services
Companies spend sizeable amounts of time, effort and budget designing or upgrading technology solutions. But good design alone is not enough to insure productive and efficient operations. Providing end users with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively use a new system makes the difference between simply using a system and maximizing its full potential.At RCM Technologies we offer Kronos Workforce Ready end user training services to fit your unique requirements. Along with conducting the training classes, we provide you with our pre-configured training materials. These materials include a step-by-step (screen by screen) process for each task included in the course. These materials are provided to you for printing and can later be used for internal training if you desire. With our highly skilled training consultants and pre-configured materials, RCM provides the right skills at the right time to the right audience.Our training services prepare your users to be proficient in using your Kronos system by providing:

  • Flexible delivery options to maximize your schedule and training budget
  • Hands-on training exercises that simulate your company’s work environment, if desired
  • Thoroughly trained, experienced instructors

We start with an assessment of your training needs to ensure that your training will hit the mark. To best prepare for your training, we will be asking the following questions:

1. Who needs to be trained?
Typically there are multiple audiences, such as end users and managers who may need different training.

2. What specific topics should be included for each audience?
One size does not fit all! Training is provided only on the topics identified for the specific audience during our training assessment meeting. There’s no need to train on a function that’s not being used.

3. When is the training required?
Training should occur “just in time” – prior to the participants starting to use the system. This ensures the participants use what they learned.​​4. Is the training to be conducted onsite or virtually?
We can do onsite or virtual training depending upon your needs.5. Where will the onsite training be held?
The training room needs to have room for everyone to sit comfortably and have a computer with system access. The instructor should be able to project from their laptop onto a screen in front of the room.Off the Shelf Courses Available
All courses begin with a lesson on navigation to level set the participants. From there, they move on to the content identified by the training assessment. This makes sure your staff is trained on the topics that are vital to your organization and required to execute their day-to-day duties.
Below are our standard courses with typical duration.HR Workshop; 1 day: We review the full employment cycle, from entering new hire data to terminating employment. Managers are taught how to effectively use Workforce Ready to manage employee updates such as transfers, increases, and promotions. We also train how to maintain employee data such as demographics, benefits, and tax information.Payroll Workshop; ½ day: We teach payroll staff how to prepare the payroll data from time imports through the pay cycle processing steps to validation and balancing of pay calculation results and corrections.​TLM Workshop; ½ day: Supervisors and managers learn how to work through the various functions of time and labor, from correcting time punches to reviewing and approving time off requests, preparing them to properly support the time activities of their employees.​Download a PDF version of this page here.
Time & Labor Management Implementation Support
​If your company is in the process of implementing an ADP or Kronos Time & Labor Management (TLM) system, RCM Technologies can add value by serving as your internal project lead while transferring their expertise to your staff. Not only will this reduce project risk, but it benefits your organization by recognizing a faster ROI since this liaison role quickens the implementation cycle. RCM has the experience to help you manage your TLM solution through the implementation process.RCM Support
RCM helps facilitate communication to your organization at key milestones during the implementation, helping to ensure that your TLM system is culturally accepted within the organization.Methodology
RCM methodology concentrates on reducing risk by leveraging and supporting the vendor project methodology while educating the client on experienced-based best practices throughout the implementation cycle. Our role is to provide guidance and direction, as well as hands-on participation throughout the project phases. The success of this implementation approach depends on the participation of the appropriate client staff throughout the life cycle of the project.


  • Account Coordination – RCM works with you and the vendor implementation team to provide guidance on work rules and pay policies (HR and PR related), and facilitate issue resolution.
  • Application Configuration – RCM serves as the liaison between you and the vendor to ensure that the your expectations are delivered properly to the Implementation Consultant.
  • Employee Data Migration Support – RCM assists with the data conversion strategy and data migration.
  • Testing Support – RCM assists with designing and executing unit, system and parallel testing.
  • Manager Training – RCM provides onsite customized training on your TLM system as it relates to your process flow.
  • Go-Live Production Support – RCM provides functional support for your initial live payroll(s).

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HR Solutions

RCM Technologies HR Solutions group is always looking for strong and talented Human Capital Management (HCM) professionals.  This includes Human Resources, HRIS, Benefits, Payroll, Time and Labor Management, Talent Acquisition/Recruiting, Talent/Performance Management, as well as the related skills of Program/Project Management, Change Management, Data Conversion, Reports and Integrations, and Data Analytics/Business Intelligence.  If you have implemented or have hands-on experience using an HCM system in one or more of the areas above as a client, consultant, or vendor, we’re interested in you.  Our projects can be onsite, remote, or combination of both.  If you are interested in joining an excellent, supportive, and successful organization, reach out to Janet Spector at or (305) 867-4149.