RCMT specializes in offering technical authoring services to support S1000D requirements.

Our skilled writers and illustrators have years of proven experience in authoring S1000D technical manuals. RCMT has authored over thousands of data modules across four releases of the S1000D specification.

RCMT is a partner with SDL in producing S1000D solutions. SDL’s live content common source data base (CSDB) is designed specifically to comply with standard requirements. The modular design allows you to configure the system to match your work processes. You can expand the solution as your needs change.

With SDL and our experienced writers, we can support your S1000D technical publications requirements. We can deliver your DMs in a transfer file; we can deliver PDFs, IETPs or data in any format. RCMT is positioned to provide you with the level of support you may need. Our experts can assist you in developing business rules, Data Module Requirements Lists (DMRLs), or sample data modules.

Our illustrators have developed more than 20,000 graphics to support our S1000D requirements. We can provide you graphics in any format including WebCGM2s.

Please contact us to discuss your S1000D projects. We have vast experience we would like to share with you to reduce your learning curve and reduce your risk. We have a process in place to do data modules at the best value, in the least amount of time.