IT Services

​With over 35 years of experience delivering complex business IT solutions and services RCM has experienced numerous waves of technological and business process advances. We pride ourselves on our successes in understanding the nuances of these advances and delivering value added solutions based on what our clients’ needs demand. With extensive knowledge and years of technical and business process experience, RCM integrates business consulting, software, training, and IT services into proven business solutions in mid-market space.

​Our Services Continuum Strategy  will analyze your corporate needs, evaluate available alternatives and propose business solutions based on our findings. Our relationships are long term and are intended not only to define and implement Enterprise Business Solutions but keep our clients current on new releases, education and training, hosting alternatives and business and technological trends that will affect our collective future.

​Whether you’re looking to increase productivity through automated processes and streamlined workflows or implement a rapid pre-configured HR solution, RCM has the resources to meet all of your business goals. With various specializations and strong alliances with industry-leading partners, RCM is able to offer smart solutions that address the specific needs of each customer.