Giving your company the ability to effortlessly create and maintain a clear view of your customers from first contact through purchase and post-sales, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a fully integrated customer relation­ship management (CRM) system. Offering advanced features such as global language and currency capabilities, business intelligence, workflow and collaboration, in an intuitive, easy-to-use framework that integrates seamlessly with other leading Microsoft desktop and server-based software, CRM delivers a flexible, fast and affordable solution. Its capabilities will enhance your company’s sales, marketing, and customer service processes and help you drive steadfast and measurable improvement in your daily business processes. At its core, CRM involves three basic steps: finding and developing customer relationships, keeping customers happy, and growing relationships to enhance your business profitability.

    With world-class integration skills, a national reach, RCM is uniquely equipped to integrate and extend the functionality of CRM and drive measurable improvements across all customer management processes within your company.

    Solution Expertise  

    • Hosted or On-Premise Models
    • Multi-Tenant Installations
    • CRM Data Migration
    • Systems Integration to CRM